March 18, 2014

Precautions when taking the Klonopin drug
The Klonopin drug, whose inactive ingredients include lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline, polacriline potassium and magnesium stearate, can be taken orally since it does not dissolve completely in water owing to its partial powdery form.

The drug makes it difficult for people to breathe and their face, lips, tongue, and throat to swell and hence emergency medical attention is necessary when these signs occur. Confusion, hyperactivity, hallucinations, and lightheadedness are some of the most common serious side effects of the Klonopin drug and people who experience them should consult a doctor immediately when they occur.

People who intend to use the Klonopin drug should get more details from their pharmacist since it can make them to have allergic reactions owing to its inactive ingredients. In addition, people who are allergic to the Klonopin drug or have other allergies should inform their doctor before embarking on taking the drug. People with kidney disease, liver disease, breathing problems, mental disorders such as depression should inform their doctor when considering the use of the Klonopin drug.